THE WOLF STREET REPORT: Stealth Stimulus Has Arrived

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 · The wall street journal also has a copy of the White House letter, though they haven’t released it. (I have: read it here, with the EU message and our translation.) The Journal spins the leak as the White House would want it: "Big Changes to Global Economic Policy" to produce "lasting growth." Obama takes charge!

So while the Eurozone has been quiet this week, the calm is deceptive with the elections on Sunday. Meanwhile, most of the worry in the Eurozone centers on Spain – which is quite foolish. Spain.

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 · The Keynesian approach is about fiscal stimulus, not monetary stimulus. To the extent that there has been fiscal stimulus by the federal government, it was offset, greatly by the states and local.

ECB's Mario Draghi: An ample degree of stimulus is still needed has yielded a Bluebird capable of flying in the face of safe banking. There are lots of problems with the prepaid card game. My biggest problem is that there are plenty of fees attached to these types.

 · The Fed has already accomplished more with its verbiage this year than it had last time when it cut rates all the way to zero and did trillions of dollars of QE. My podcast.. THE WOLF STREET REPORT: Stealth Stimulus Has Arrived

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 · The Nelson deal may be galling, but the media has done the public a real disservice by pretending that it’s rare. As reader HF explains, the Clear Air Act, to take just one example, was rife with this sort of thing:

8 hours ago · Stealth Lobbying So far, the investors – including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg – and many other companies have gotten their country-cap bill through the House and into the Senate with the aid of a novel strategy – Complete Media Silence .

 · Each of the four factors has its own internal contradictions, in effect a binary outcome for each.. because the drag on growth caused by increased debt will outweigh any stimulus from lower taxes.. The Wolf Street Report: Stealth Stimulus Has Arrived 1 hour ago Peter Schiff Blog. Peter Schiff: The Fed Created an Uber Problem

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