Romney Profited From Mortgage Foreclosures in Florida

“[g]iven the sheer number of AOB cases being pumped out,” if left unchecked these activities “threaten to have the same outcome as when certain firms took advantage of the mortgage foreclosure crisis.

It seems that the Massachusetts millionaire, according to his tax returns, had profited from investments, in particular a Goldman fund that was chock full of mortgage backed securities. By extension, Gingrich claimed, Florida homeowners whose defaulted mortgages were part of that Goldman fund had been had been victims of foreclosure.

Confronted At Debate, Romney Does Not Dispute He Profited From Foreclosures In Florida. Travis waldron jan 27, 2012, has profited from thousands of Florida foreclosures through a Goldman Sachs.

Gingrich Opens Up New Line of Attack on Romney. Speaking before the latest of a series of rallies organized by Tea Party groups in Florida, Mr. gingrich aggressively courted the movement’s support now that earlier tea party favorites, including Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann, have dropped out.

Perez were named in a foreclosure lawsuit. said the mortgage has $1.5 million in principal outstanding. The loan was originated in 2013. The commercial properties were purchased by Perez’s Florida.

At a private fundraiser in Florida on Sunday. that might not be around later.” In the past, Romney has argued that the government should not try to stop the foreclosure process, and he once listed.

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The Romney’s benefited big from Florida foreclosures.. Goldman-Sachs investment fund that was heavily invested in mortgage-backed obligations. The people who purchased these debts have launched.

Romney: Gingrich profited as Florida suffered in housing crisis. january 23, 2012. After holding a roundtable with voters struggling as a result of the foreclosure crisis, Romney said he wished that Gingrich had heard their stories as a former adviser to mortgage giant Freddie Mac, which many.

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This morning, Newt launched a new broadside against Mitt Romney, attacking him for personally profiting, via a Goldman Sachs investment, off mortgage lenders responsible for thousands of foreclosures in Florida. The charges Newt is leveling against Romney stem from an exclusive item ThinkProgress broke yesterday.

Mitt Romney Talks With Florida Foreclosure Victims By Arthur Delaney Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney spent nearly an hour talking to struggling home and business owners monday morning in Florida, the next stop in the Republican primary contest and one of the states hardest-hit by the foreclosure crisis that wrecked the economy in 2007.