Road to Retirement Can Be Tough for Many Americans

Another hurdle today’s retirees must overcome is their own debt load. Studies show that workers aged 55 to 64 are spending 22% of their earnings on debt payments. That’s a 69% increase in less than 20 years. These debt obligations keep workers in this age group from saving as much as they can for retirement.

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It’s perfectly legal for Americans to retire to the U.K., provided you can qualify for a british visa. financing the move and adjusting to the British lifestyle can be challenging for some retirees. You might be able to retire within the sound of Big Ben’s bells.

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When you retire in Panama. the infrastructure works. This is not the case in many other Central American countries. The phones not only work, the high-speed access to the internet is unsurpassed anywhere. This due to the American built systems that are now maintained by the Panamanians. In addition the roads are the best in Central America.

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By his or her 76th birthday, according to a Polk research study, the average American will have owned nine cars. This means that you’ll probably buy at least one vehicle during retirement.

Loneliness can accelerate cognitive decline in older adults, and isolated. Admitting we're lonely can feel as if we're admitting we've failed in life's most. It attacks our basic instincts to save face, and makes it hard to ask for help.. meal for her boyfriend, a retired chef comes by to give her cooking lessons.

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