Revised Bankruptcy Forms

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The consummation of the Restructuring Plan under the terms outlined above is subject to customary risks associated with a bankruptcy filing and the conditions. its second quarter earnings and.

 · The official bankruptcy forms have also been revised to reflect these new dollar amounts. The updated forms include the official Proof of Claim form (the link has a copy of the revised form.

– The Official Bankruptcy Forms are posted to publicize the content and format of the forms and may be used by the public in bankruptcy cases. instructions for some of the Official Bankruptcy Forms are unavailable because they are under revision. The revised Instructions will be posted here as they are available.

Revised Dollar Amounts in Specific Forms Effective April 1, 2019. Automatic adjustments will be made on April 1, 2019, to dollar amounts stated in various provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, one provision in Title 28, seven Official Bankruptcy Forms which contain adjusted dollar amounts, the Instructions for Individual and Non-Individual Debtors, two Director’s Forms which include dollar.

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The first group of forms, the fee waiver, fee installment forms, and income and expenses schedules, went into effect on December 1, 2013. On December 1, 2014, revised bankruptcy appellate forms and means test forms went into effect.

Please be advised that on April 1, 2019, several of the official bankruptcy forms will be updated to reflect the dollar amount adjustments that are calculated at three-year intervals based on the Consumer Price Index. Use of the revised official forms will begin on that date. Attorneys should contact their software vendors for more information.

Official bankruptcy forms chapter 13 Plan By Administrative Order No. 662, the Court approved a local version of the Chapter 13 Plan for use in the US Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of New York.

The Local Forms are forms developed here in the Western District of Kentucky for use by the Bar and Public. All local forms are incorporated into the clerks office administrative Manual. When filing one of these documents, substantial compliance with the Local Bankruptcy Form is required.

Bankruptcy petition preparer’s notice, declaration, and signature (Form 119 as revised 12/15) AND Disclosure of compensation of bankruptcy petition preparer (Form 2800 as revised 12/15) (if debtor has paid or agreed to pay someone who is not an attorney to fill out bankruptcy forms) Instructions: Bankruptcy Forms for Individuals (includes.

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