Oakland’s Waypoint cashes in on empty homes

 · Oakland-based Waypoint Real Estate Group took advantage of the historic financial crisis to pick up houses and bad loans on the cheap over the last fi.

These financial powerhouses could buy hundreds of homes at once. Cash buyers already. managing director and co-founder of Waypoint Homes, tells me he was in Las Vegas last week to survey the.

Waypoint homes buys foreclosed homes, fixes them up and rents them out with an. more Photo: Maddie McGarvey, The Chronicle Oakland’s Waypoint cashes in on empty homes

The search warrant also revealed a large amount of cash with names. or even in the private homes of his female clients. Citizens for a Pro-Life Society knew that the trunk abortionist babies were.

Waypoint Homes is a fully-integrated operating company which acquires, renovates, leases and manages a growing portfolio of rental homes in multiple markets around the country.

Waypoint Homes and their clients are bigots that refuse to rent to a U.S. citizen with a foreign born wife who is in the process of obtaining a permanent resident visa. This process takes between 6-9 months and does not mean that the person is "illegal". As a 19 year Federal employee and.

distressed neighborhoods in Oakland and hope this can provide a model that can be replicated in other cities." Enterprise and Waypoint will contribute an initial investment totaling .6 million in equity, and citi community development will provide a $150,000 grant to fund the first phase of 20 homes.

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 · Avoid this company at all costs!!! Im having the same problem with them taking a holding deposit and making me wait to get my money back. Not one out of the 6 different people i spoke with can tell me the reason for cashing a hold deposit before they approve or deny a person.

Empty apartment buildings are worth much more than. Brown, the realtor with Better Homes Realty helping the government sell both Oakland properties, said he couldn’t comment on his role in the.

One of the homes I. Together Oakland and Habitat for Humanity East Bay, in which RTO coordinated homeowner relations while Habitat completed five major exterior projects including roofing, ramps,