Mortgage-Title Fraud: A National Catastrophe

If you want to report suspicious activity or disaster fraud, you can use any of the contacts below. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Inspector General.

How This Couple Paid Off $22K of Credit Card Debt in Less Than 3 Years Meet the Couple Who Paid Off $50K in Debt in Less Than 3 Years . By Amanda Reaume, December 29, 2017 . Part of our debt confessions series brittney and Ryan Lynn of Dallas, Texas, became known as the "frugal friends" in their social circles.. How This Couple Paid Off $22K of Credit Card.Did Debt Collection Calls Kill This Man? The FTC further defines a debt collector as an individual or business that collects or attempts to debts (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).By definition, a debt collector isn’t a telemarketer – because they’re asking you to take care of an existing obligation and not to buy a product or service – and wouldn’t fall under the jurisdiction of the National Do Not Call Registry.

With more rain producing floods forecasted for the southern part of the U.S. this spring, the likelihood of disaster fraud increases. Disaster-related fraud affects auto, homeowners and commercial.

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For years, one small disaster after another followed Verdon. according to prosecutors and a spokesman for the National Insurance Crime Bureau, an industry association set up to combat fraud for its.

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Frauds large and small related to disasters are the business of the National Center for Disaster Fraud, formerly known as the Hurricane Katrina Fraud Task Force. This special task force was established by the Department of Justice to investigate, prosecute, and deter fraud in the wake of Katrina, when billions of dollars in federal disaster relief poured into the Gulf Coast region.

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Common post-disaster fraud practices include: Fake offers of state or federal aid: Beware if anyone claiming to be from the Federal Emergency management agency (fema) or the state visits, calls or emails asking for an applicant’s Social Security number, bank account number or other sensitive information.

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Title Fraud Offense Unveiled by New York Real Estate Lawyer. The legal owner of a property has title to the property in his name. A business or individual may take title to property when a deed is signed transferring the property’s ownership.

We now have mortgage-fraud being openly acknowledged by the banksters, and on a scale never before seen in human history. mortgage-title fraud: a national catastrophe Sign In