Internet Archive puts classic console games online

These he has put online, allowing us a fascinating glimpse into the formative. You can read the original article on the Internet Archive, and listen to the [Veline] interview on the podcast episode.

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Before internet connections became widespread, there were few services for digital distribution of games, and physical media was the dominant method of delivering video games. One of the first examples of digital distribution in video games was GameLine, which operated during the early 1980s.

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The film Godzilla (Gojira) was first released to theaters in Japan on November 3, 1954. An authorized Americanized version with dubbed dialogue, reediting and the addition of Western actors, entitled Godzilla, King of the Monsters!, premiered in United States theaters on April 26, 1956.

Read about ‘Can’t Get a NES Mini in Time for Christmas? Make a NESberry Pi Mini Instead!’ on I’ll admit it; I’m totally bandwagon surfing here. The world is busy freaking out over the NES Mini, but I was sent one for free and it’s honestly not

This weekend, they’ve introduced a whole new category: The internet arcade. 900+ classic arcade. the work he put into the Arcade-centric leg of the project in a blog post here. (Pro tip: it can be.

Games that put crucial information on loading screens that go by too fast to read – ugh. has many free classic PC games (self.patientgamers). which has full games for several consoles that can be played in your browser. It’s far from complete, but they have some hits there.

Mark Wilson, writing for BetaNews: WikiLeaks has unleashed a treasure trove of data to the internet. BitTorrent in an encrypted archive. The plan had been to release the password at 9:00am ET today.

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