EOT Blog: 10/06/05

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Nicholas Clark wrote: > On Tue, Jan 03, 2006 at 09:07:52AM -0700, Jim Cromie wrote: > >>Nicholas Clark wrote: > > >>This is different from your box, which has it as XS code. >>Is it actually XS code, or a detection bug ? >>If former, then I have to skip them, as one of us will *always* fail >>that test, >>(assuming Im not mis-detecting it as a constant sub). > heres what I should have asked for.

Rafael Garcia-Suarez wrote: > Thanks, applied as change #26576 to bleadperl. eggsellent. heres a few fixes which I punted on yesterday. 1. I added IO::Socket.

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The archive of the old MSN group for Microsoft WEFT

The Typicon and Daily Verse & Reflection The Typicon for Monday, April 9: BRIGHT MONDAY. The Death of our Holy Father Methodius, Teacher of the Slavs. Solemn Holyday. There is no fasting this week.

msysGit has been superseded by Git for Windows 2.x – msysgit/msysgit

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EOT Blog This blog accompanies the site www.ExcelOnlineTraining.com and will be updated with Excel Tips and Hints much more frequently than the main site. thursday, October 06, 2005 . Quicken. Ratings are based on S&P, Moody’s or Fitch, as applicable.

Ratings are based on S&P, Moody’s or Fitch, as applicable. A credit rating is an assessment provided by a nationally recognized statistical rating organization (NRSRO) of the creditworthiness of an issuer with respect to debt obligations, including specific securities, money market instruments or other debts.

BOT: Sorry gang, still feeling a little under the weather. Not going to make Sleepy Lady either, hopefully someone can keep the strumming going there this Saturday as well.

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